Kathryn was accepted to study with the Boston Ballet Company for five weeks this past summer. It gave her an opportunity to "study in an intensive environment among dedicated dancers of (her) own age and level of technique." It also allowed her to "gain insight into a professional ballet company." The grant from the foundation helped cover part of the cost of her participation.
        Karen Castelmen, one of her instructors and an Associate Professor of Dance and Loyola University in Chicago, says of her, "Katy is a dedicated student, 

                Christine Slowiak says of Kathryn, "Dancing is her calling. It shouts out to her and to the world every moment of the day. ...Kathryn finds peace in her dancing, as well as concentration. intuition and grace....She is unique and has earned the right to explore her enthusiasm, her dream, and all that will help her to obtain it." 

perhaps the most dedicated that I have had the pleasure to teach." And In "my first introduction to Katy ... (she) stood out to me as a dancer with irresistable stage presence. Her joy in dancing is clearly evident as she performs."
Kathryn Dammers is an Oak Park resident and attends the Oak Park - River Forest High School. During the 2007 - 2008 academic year she was a Junior. Kathryn is a member of the Momenta youth dance company and has performed in a lead role in a number of their productions.The Laura Southwick Foundation awarded her a grant in May of 2008.