The project I am proposing is a jazz "combo" that can tour around to play music in various places in the Oak Park and River Forest area. I have been playing piano since I was in kindergarden, and I switched to jazz four years ago. I am currently in a jazz group, however we lack the equipment (amplifier, X-stand, keyboard case) to tour.

My jazz Combo has played in a few places including the PING fundraiser at Pilgrim Church. We also won the Downbeat Award for "Best Jazz Group in a Middle School Setting." However, at the few places where we have performed, we have had to borrow the equipment. I have already purchased my keyboard, but it is not portable. In order to make it portable, I would use the Laura Southwick Foundation Award funds to purchase an
For a sample of Drew's work check out this YouTube link:
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X-stand to hold the keyboard up, an
amplifier for the keyboard and bass, and a keyboard case to hold the keyboard and make transport easier.