December 2010

                         This past spring the selection committee of the Laura Southwick Foundation awarded grants to 6 young people. The committee hoped to receive applications from young people that like Laura, needed encouragement to explore their dreams. By the middle of May, the deadline for applications, we had received 20 applications - more than we had ever received. All twenty had merit, and the committee had a difficult time deciding how to distribute the funds we had available. In the best of all worlds we would have funded them all. In the end, though,
we picked the following six - five of them from OPRF:

Alex Arsovski is a junior.* He is a potter, wood worker and mixed
media artist.
He interned last summer with Chicago Sculptor, Mike Helbing.

Kiara Bullocks an 8th grader.* She is a singer and a student at the Dorolyn Academy of Music.
Kiara continues vocal classes at the Academy with Dr. Dorothy Bounds, the founder of the academy.

                Jocelyn Garrett a junior* is an actress and an OPRF T.V. talk show host.    
                    Jocelyn used her award to help pay for her attendance at the Columbia College High                 School Summer Institute

                Drew Lewis is a freshman* and a jazz pianist
   Drew used his award to purchase an amp for his keyboard.

Brigid Sullivan, a freshman,* is a photographer.
 She used her award to help purchase a new SLR camera. 

Olivia Trim a freshman* is a screen printer, painter/drawer and photographer.
Olivia will use her award to purchase supplies and publicity for an art show she will put together before the end of the year.

  * During the 2009 - 2010 school year
 A gift to the Laura Southwick Foundation may allow us to make even more awards next spring. The Foundation is under the auspices of the Oak Park - River Forest Community Foundation and all donations are tax deductible. The donation form is also available for download on our web site.