Titus Yarbrough
Titus Yarbrough lives on the Westside of Chicago. In 2009 he was a Freshman at Lincoln Park High School. He is a member of the Lincoln Park Jazz Ensemble, and has performed many shows and special events,

Louvenia Eason,the Director of Music at the Star Church, says of him, "I have had the pleasure of knowing Titus Yarbrough since childhood. I have seen him grow as a respectful young man. In observing him during many of his musical recitals I have witnessed

including the Chicago Jazz Festival in September, 2009. Titus attends the Dorolyn Academy of Music in Oak Park. A member of the Laura Southwick Foundation selection committee awarded him a special achievement grant in June of 2009. The Laura Southwick grant has helped Titus continue his study as a bass guitarist.
student. He is a student that is respected by the entire school staff and has been
Dexter Sims, his instructor at the Dorolyn Academy of music says of him, "Titus has studied Bass Guitar at the Dorolyn Academy of Music for the past seven years. During this time it has been my pleasure to have him as a 

 very consistent in his character. He is one who is often called upon for special performances and always volunteers when there is a need for his expertise. Titus has reached the level of "Master Bass Guitarist". He has shown the ability to comprehend very technical concepts. He has studied and mastered compositions from the greatest composers in music. Works by J.S. Bach, John Coltrane, and Gospel compositions from Andrae' Crouch and DeAndre Patterson are all a part of Titus' repertoire."
Titus and Dexter Sims
 an awesome growth in his talent in playing the bass guitar. Titus continues to enhance his musical skills by being mentored by those more experienced in playing the guitar, therefore his own skills have escalated over the past few years."