THE LAURA SOUTHWICK FOUNDATION has been established under the auspices of the OAK PARK-RIVER FOREST COMMUNITY FOUNDATION to encourage and support young people who have shown an interest in the applied or fine arts so that they might begin to discover their own style and start to shape their aspirations.

Contributions to the foundation will be used to make grants to high school age young people so that they can pursue their interest in the applied arts - e.g., fashion design, graphic arts, photography, creative writing, comedy, performance art, etc.  A preference will be given to the applied arts, but consideration will be given to young people interested in the fine arts - e.g., painting, sculpture, music, voice and dance, etc.  Grant awards will not be based on academic standards or performance.

The grant funds may be used to pay for a variety experiences. They can be used to pay for materials/supplies, fees for workshops, tuition, travel expenses, and other project or interest related costs. It is hoped that these grants will encourage some young people to experiment with new forms of expression and to express their concerns for social justice.
Members of the Advisory Committee

Margaret Childs                
Wendy Kanno-Hendryx        
Daniel Southwick                
Nancy Erickson                

The OPRF COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is a 501(c)3 organization and any contribution to the Laura Southwick Foundation is tax deductible.
                         Checks may be made out to:
The Laura Southwick Foundation and mailed to
Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation
1049 Lake Street,  Suite #204
Oak Park, IL  60301

William Southwick
Scott Tawse
Pamela Kulat-Tawse
Shawn Erickson