Eli Stirling lives in Oak Park and attends Oak Park - River Forest high school. He was a freshman during the 2008 - 2009 school year. He was also a participant in the Early College Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago that year.
Although his primary interest is in painting, he took this class at the recommendation of his teacher in order to increase his drawing skills. He said that this class would "help my painting and ultimately help me to become a better artist."
Oil Painting
Figure Study 1
18" x 20"
Mixed Media
Self Portrait: Sports Theme
18" x 20"
of subject and material. Extremely independent, Eli has displayed an appetite for artistic pursuit, which he expanded through his dynamic painting explorations.
Eli and I plan to remain in contact and he would like to continue
to expand his knowledge and practice. Eli could clearly benefit from further intensive study. It would afford him an opportunity to expand his practice and to challenge his intellect. Eli already possesses the tools necessary in order to herald significant growth and he is an unusually committed student. I recommend him to you with great confidence in his ability"
unusual maturity and understanding 
Katherine Jost, Eli's instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago, says of him, "In addition to Eli's focused performance in class, he demonstrated the ability to set highly specific criteria in his practice, though which he has exhibited
The award from the Laura Southwick Foundation enabled him to take a landscape drawing class at the School of the Art Institute during June and July of 2009.