Brigid was a sophomore at Oak Park River Forest high school during the 2010 - 2011 school year. During the previous year she took a class "Fundamentals of Photography" taught by Michelle M. Carrow. It was a 

two semester black and white photography course designed to allow semi-independently within the medium. of photography.
Ms. Carrow says about Brigid, "...she has grown this past term in both her technical abilities with the camera and in the darkroom, as well as creativity and compositional sense. Brigid is planning on taking Advanced Photography in the fall. 
        She is interested in broadening her photo experiences into color digital imagery, as well as continuing to improve her skills with traditional black and white photography."
The award from the Laura Southwick Foundation helped Brigid purchase a SLR digital camera. She took the flower picture above with her new camera.
"Brigid, myself and a few other hardy souls often rise before dawn to go out and gather images. By the time the sun 

Mike McGowan, a family friend as well as a photographer and writer, says about Brigid,
rises and begins its magic, we will find ourselves at an abandoned house or barn, a rocky shore, or scenic landscape. Brigid enthusiastically and fearlessly explores the subject, with the naked eye and through her lens, to find and shoot incredibly compelling images and balanced compositions."